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EGOC Review: Pagolac Chinatown

Thanks for tuning in on our hunt to find the best green onion cakes in Edmonton.  Next up: Pagolac Chinatown. As per my usual trip for pho I went for that most awesome of soup/noodle dishes and, of course as … Continue reading

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To The EGOC Naysayers…

Sometimes, when I bring up the notion that green onion cakes are an Edmonton thing, people get really worked up.   I hear things about the fact that this obviously Asian export cannot be ours because, well, it is Asian.  One … Continue reading


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In Search of Siu To…

Anyone who knows anything about EGOCs will tell you the legend of Siu To. In our early days of research the same story kept coming up. The basement of Commerce Place… Mongolian Food Experience… San Francisco import. The man that … Continue reading


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