About Green Onion Cakes

This site is dedicated to the savoury goodness of green onion cakes.  Both delicious and nutritious (no nutritionists have been retained to substantiate that claim), green onion cakes have become the adopted food of Edmonton, Alberta CANADA.   While the issue concerning whether we can “claim” them as our own remains contentious, what is indisputable is that Edmontonians have a relationship with them that you will not find elsewhere.

If you are from Edmonton you may already know this.  If you’ve moved here recently, you likely do not.  If you’re planning a visit, make sure to try one.

I invite people to share their love of, experiences  with, and recipes for this signature E-town dish.

I’ll do my best to keep you informed about all things Green Onion Cake: where to find the best ones, what festivals will represent as well as new takes on this old dish.

As Edmontonians, we sometimes struggle to find ways to describe what sets us apart.  I hope this site adds to that narrative.

I’m Salma by the way 😉

Any questions? Want to get involved? Drop me a line:

12 Responses to About Green Onion Cakes

  1. Angie

    You could call it the EGOC (ripping off the EGOT).

  2. Julie

    Nice opening. What is EGOC?

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