EGOC Review: Blue Plate Diner

T’was a lovely day for a green onion cake. A dear friend informed me that she was indeed free for a quick bite. A handy search of my site reminded me of a nearby spot I was yet to try: Blue Plate Diner!

Blue Plate is a true Edmonton gem. Tucked in along the trendy 104th Street Promenade, it had been years since I had last ventured in. It had been on my list of “must-try’s” ever since Linda Tzang challenged me to find green onion cakes on non-Asian restaurant menus (see my rant here).

Blue Plate Diner menu

An Edmonton institution.

Blue Plate has had green onion cakes as a staple appetizer for years. Our server informed me that they had tried (unsuccessfully) to remove them from the menu to make space for new items, but their loyal fans protested. There they sit stuck awkwardly on a non-Asian menu.

I introduced myself as the “Green Onion Cake Lady” and exceptional service ensued. I placed my predictable order and waited for the story.

The presentation was lovely. These were the Siu To variety: thick grilled green onion cakes! Upon further inquiry I was informed that these cakes are actually made by Siu himself. He sells them to Blue Plate frozen. – one of his few remaining customers. Apparently they had experimented initially with making their own in-house but it wasn’t worth the bother. Siu’s were perfect.

There was a new twist, however to these cakes. Beside the traditional spicy Sambal Oelek , a unique house dipping sauce: scallions and sour cream. Like the Yin and the Yang.  Delectable! The sauce was a delicious foil to the super spicy Sambal and complemented the cakes surprisingly well. They tasted Edmontonian!

EGOC at Blue Plate Diner

Don’t the sauces look like the Yin Yang symbol? Coincidence? I think not!

The portion was quite small, however, and at $7 for one cake, a touch on the pricy side. I was left wanting more!

But, dear reader, today was my lucky day! What should I see when I glanced up at the specials board?

Today’s Special: Vegetarian Green Onion Cake PIZZA.

Yes you read right. Today I was going to have my very first green onion cake pizza.

I frantically waived down our server and ordered one to go. I also asked how it was that this beautiful invention came to be.

The manager spun a tale of kitchen ingenuity. Apparently with each order of frozen cakes, a few were always “ruined” in transit. Instead of throwing them out, staff would roll them out flatter and put toppings on “pizza-style”. They were so delicious, they began offering them as specials topped with anything from all meat to vegan-friendly options. GENIUS.

And how was it? Topped with a delicate balance of asparagus, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and onion, this pizza was outstanding! The green onion cake crust, now baked was light and crispy and held up beautifully under the weight of the juicy toppings and gooey cheese. Dare I say it? This was even better than regular pizza crust!

Green Onion Cake Pizza

Are your eyes deceiving you? NO! That IS a green onion cake PIZZA!!

Bravo Blue Plate on your distinctly Edmontonian creation. You are ahead of the game.

Linda Tzang: your move.

5 stars out of 5

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