EGOC Review: Oodle Noodle Jasper Avenue

Thanks for tuning in on my journey to eat through all the green onion cakes in Etown. Next up: Oodle Noodle on Jasper Avenue and 109 Street!

Oodle Noodle

I had really been looking forward to trying out these cakes as they have been pushing them hard on Twitter.  Not to mention that they’re a bit of a homegrown Edmonton success story.  The owner, Sonny Pham, opened his first restaurant in 2005 and they have been spreading across the province like wildfire.

It was a balmy spring afternoon in Etown and I was headed out for a quick lunch hour bite with my boss.  I shamelessly ordered a lunch of champions: spring rolls and green onion cakes.

The cakes were served piping hot.  Straight from the deep fryer.  To my delight, as opposed to putting them in a styrofoam container, they opted for paper bags, which I believe strongly is the way to go.  Green onion cakes, like sushi, are highly susceptible to absorbing the “flavour” of their containers.  Paper is always the best choice.

Green Onion Cakes in a paper bag.

If you’re doing take out, ask if they can put your green onion cakes in a paper bag instead of styrofoam. Good for the cakes and good for the environment!

Served with a side of what they call a “sweet spicy sauce”, I felt they were a good deal at $2.95 a pop.  My happiness kinda melted away as I took my first look at their creation.

It appeared as if the green onion cake had been over cooked.  The outer layer had become detached from the rest of it and was fried to a dark brown colour.  They burnt my sweet EGOC!!  Upon closer examination I discovered that by some miracle it was both over AND undercooked!  How is that possible?

Overcooked Green Onion Cake

My poor sweet EGOC! How can it be both over and undercooked at the same time? Magic!

My first bite confirmed my suspicion.  Inside, was a doughy mess.  Just thinking about it now is giving me a stomach ache.

I pushed ahead because I am a professional.  My second bite I added the sauce.  It was sweet, but spicy? Maybe for a four year old.  I thought it odd for a company that includes a flame in their logo to have such a mild accompaniment.

Thank goodness I still had the spring rolls…

I’m gonna chalk this misadventure up to a one off.  I’ve read some pretty awesome reviews of their cakes so let’s not reach any conclusions just yet.  Perhaps I’ll try out another location.

1 out of 5 stars

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